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Applied Improvisation Institute

The Applied Improvisation Institute takes the skills and adaptability of improvisational theater and applies them directly to the world of business.

There are a number of indispensable characteristics that create world-class leaders. Many business people put some or all of these traits into practice in their current positions.

Companies like Janus, Comcast, and ESPN Disney have developed and fine-tuned these traits through years of experience, but the true power and depth of the characteristics of leadership blossomed through applied improvisation. All of these companies have benefited from the training that the Applied Improvisation Insitute offers. 

The Applied Improvisation Institute utilizes improvisation to not only teach the 21st century business skills required to become an effective leader, but also hones those skills to a finely tuned edge.

By completion of the program at The Applied Improvisation Institute your certificate will serve as proof that you have become a force of improvisational leadership. Successful completion of this program ensures distinctive leadership ability in the long-term, quarter-to-quarter, and moment-to-moment interaction with every co-worker.

The Applied Improvisation Institute is the first of its kind in the field, and your training here will last the rest of your life. Improvisation will propel you beyond your goals and into your professional future. Sign up today

Program Details

The Applied Improvisation Institute provides the training you need to become a force in the workplace. This training will help you not only advance your career, but advance your team and company by serving as a dynamic and confident professional with the embodiment of the skills that make a business person excel. Our program is targeted to the business person, and we believe that the Applied Improvisation Institute delivers training that is unparalleled in the field. Building upon the elements of Applied Improvisation that make Fortune 500 companies run like a well-oiled machine, the AII is uniquely positioned to offer a world class business education in the form of a certification program. Revitalize your business sense today, and become a positive force for yourself and your company.


The Applied Improvisation Institute is comprosed of six different modules:

Embodied listening is the building block for all the business skill sets. The ability to fully process information, from your head to your toes, gives you the capability to make the best possible choice at the best possible time. Listening is the cornerstone to the A.i.i.

Dynamic presentations incorporate not only listening fully, but also engaging the entire body in the process of presenting. Fully invested presentations require an engaged individual, and the Applied Improvisation Institute provides the tools necessary to develop this skill set.

More and more companies are realizing the value of creativity in the work place. In Improvisation, creativity is developed inherently providing new avenues of thinking. Problem solving skills are enhanced, and the ability to approach a task from multiple angels is developed. Creativity is imbued in all the skill sets provided by the A.i.i.

In order to effectively generate sales, the behaviors of a sales person must be fully invested in the task at hand. By teaching your body to become engaged in the sales process the Applied Improvisation Institute will develop the skills you need to close the deal.

Team Building
Effective and dynamic teams are the core building blocks of a company. Improvisation teaches you how to bring a gift of intention to the initiation of a team, and develop driven focused team members working together, moving forward together, and building upon everything that each team member has to offer. Team building is a culmination of the previous skill sets.

All of the skill sets that are integral to the establishment of an effective and embodied leadership. With these skill sets working together dynamically you will become a powerful agent of productivity. And, you will become a powerful positive force as a manager and leader of individual teams. Embodied Leadership is at the forefront of powerful, positive leadership, and by completing the A.i.i. you will be at the forefront of the professional world.